Research in vacuum insulated concrete containers for high temperature storage for the future energy systems

Concrete has a long life span, is fire proof, environmental friendly and cheap.

"At Prefa Alfa We love concrete - Christoffer Källberg"


We produce pipes

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Our company is researching in gas tight concrete for many types of applications. Our research has shown that many concrete recipes that is claimed to be gas tight is actually not. We believe that we have created some recipes that are good candidates to fulfill our tough demands on concrete of the future.

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We are the hard working team who is making research in concrete structures possible

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About us

Prefa Alfa as was established by Slovak and Swedish founder with the fundamental target to replace plastic-made sewage system with sewage system made of concrete. The company uses its knowledge deliberately in processing and moulding concrete, not only used for sewage system. The company possesses the latest technology for production of sewage system made of concrete. Furthermore, the company has acquired all necessary technology needed for vacuum insulation, measurement of concrete properties, manipulation and moulding equipment. With the reference to such technology, the company could finally start its own research and development. During the last five years, the company has been developing technologies for heat accumulation gained from renewable energy source. The main objective was construction of vacuum-insulated containers made of concrete, that would enable the customer to accumulate heat up to 500°C, where molten salts were chosen to be the accumulating medium. The strategic ambition of the company is to become a leader in technologies for mid-potential heat accumulation. We would like to be the first company that would come to mind to potential customers, when they consider the heat accumulators.

The company PREFA ALFA a.s. is also a member of Interest Association of Legal Persons called ATASAC – Advanced Technology and Science Applications Centre, which interests are based on support of applied research in the energy and innovative materials sectors. Furthermore, the association ATASAC provides cooperation between universities and industry in Slovakia and worldwide. Additional ATASAC´s ambition is representation of members´ interests in EU structures and other multinational corporations.


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