PREFA ALFA has been in the concrete prefab industry for many years. We have a lot of in house knowledge about precast concrete pipes and manholes both by vibro-compression and self compacting concrete.

The company PREFA ALFA is working actively on research of the concrete precast and its impact on the environment, in comparison with the plastic pipes. The knowledge achieved from the production of the classical concrete precast, are continuously assessed during the present research.

PREFA ALFA possesses advanced technology that enables production of concrete precast with special properties. Furthermore, the company disposes technology for vibration, mixing, and manipulation.

Pipe program

• Made of concrete, strength class C35/45
• Produced by vibro-compression, which guarantees high quality pipes made of perfectly compact material
• Concrete pipes comply with class A according to STN EN 1916

Manhole program

• Precast product is made of concrete, strength class C35/45
• Produced by vibro-compression
• Min. pressure on the top of manhole ring is 80kN/m

Cistern program

We at Prefa Alfa can create both insulated and standard cisterns up to 15m3. Insulated or not it could be used for many different purposes, such as thermal energy storage for seasonal or daily storage from solar collectors or waste heat.
The cistern can also be used at a classical water reservoir or a septic tank for closed sewage systems. The usage of these cisterns is limited only by your fantasy.